cSilk™ Family products

What are Carbon Nanotubes?

Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) are tubular cylinders composed of carbon atoms linked in hexagonal shapes. Because of their composition they have extraordinary mechanical, electrical, thermal, optical and chemical properties.

Unlike other carbon allotropes, Carbon Nanotubes can be bent and when released, they will spring back to their original shape.

Applying Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) to practical applications requires scalable and controllable processing methods that retain the unique properties of individual CNTs in large areas and volume. For controllable device fabrication, a critical factor is the ability to assemble CNTs on a substrate or free-standing form, while delivering alignment, density control and transferability.

DryDraw™ fabrication process

Unlike traditional processing methods involving liquids / powders, Lintec's CNT technology delivers strong, transparent, chemically stable, flexible and transparent sheets, tapes and yarns. Lintec's CNT sheets can be rolled, kept free-standing or transferred onto any suitable substrate.

Lintec’s DryDraw™ fabrication processes will deliver uniform CNT sheets suitable for continuous, high-rate production. By a unique process of dry self-assembly, cSilk™ CNT sheets are directly drawn from a CNT forest.

This dry state self-assembly process employs optimized CNT forest with particular morphological characteristics, taking into account preferential alignment of CNTs, their interbuilding, and interaction with the substrate used for growth.

Besides preserving the outstanding mechanical, chemical, and electronic properties of CNTs, cSilk™ structures are self-supporting, flexible, transparent, pure, highly aligned, and optically tunable.

DryDraw™ is a high speed manufacturing, low mass process that delivers CNTs with no limitation on width/length.

>99% wt

Enabling the next generation of Carbon Nanotubes based solutions

cSilk™ Versatile Possibilities

Unlike traditional processing methods involving liquids and powders, Lintec’s cSilk™ products are produced by DryDraw™, a unique process of dry self-assembly, where sheets are directly drawn from vertically aligned arrays of Carbon Nanotubes (CNT)s, retaining the unique properties of CNTs in large areas and volumes.

For controllable device fabrication, cSilk™ can be rolled, delivered in free-standing form, or assembled on a substrate, while delivering alignment, flexibility, and transferability.

Lintec’s multifunctional CNT sheets are self-supporting, flexible, transparent, conductive, and highly oriented, preserving the outstanding mechanical, chemical, and electronic properties of CNTs. cSilk™ sheets are mechanically stable and remain conductive upon coating and full infiltration.

Electrical properties are not changed by bending.

Enable extraordinary novel materials

Out technology enables diverse applications, including transparent, elastomeric electrodes, sensors, planar sources of polarized broad-band radiation, thermo-acoustic sound projectors & noise canceling devices, flexible organic light emitting diodes, organic photovoltaic devices, microwave absorbers for bonding of polymer composites, and conducting appliques, among others.

cSilk™ Key Properties

- Tunable opacity


- Highly aligned.
- Strong.
- Conductive (thermal & electrical).
- Exceptional flexible.
- Hydrophobic.


- Ultra thin 2D surfaces, virtually no depth.
- Non intrusive.


- Multiple form / fit.
- Easy to deposit / infiltrate.


>99% wt

Number of Walls



650-­‐1200 ohms/sq.


50 to 70 rσ

Optical Transmittance

65 to 85%

Thickness, densified

10 to 50 nm

Thickness, pristine

~15 μm